• OXOLUTIA participates in NANOTECH EXPO at Tokyo

    OXOLUTIA is proud to announce that will be participating at NANOTECH EXPO from 29th  to 31st January 2019. Nanotech Expo hosts more than 1500 organizations in the field of nanotechnology.  Booth No. 4V-21.

Our Product

Multilayered superconductor tapes prepared by means of chemical solution deposition

OXOLUTIA SL is currently developing a new cost-effective process for the obtention of 2G superconductor tapes by chemical solution approaches. This implies the successive deposition and growth of heteroepitaxial thin films on biaxially-textured flexible substrates. Such superconductor tapes find applications in the efficient energy generation, transportation and final use in the form of cables, fault current limiters,
superconducting magnetic energy storage, transformers, generators, motors, etc. On the other hand, the possibility of generating intense magnetic fields with coils of these tapes makes them interesting for scientific instrumentation and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in medical diagnose. Other uses that can be cited are magnetic separation and levitation.