Inkjet Printing of Functional Oxides

Introduction to Inkjet Printing 

Inkjet Printing allows drop-wise deposition of liquids onto surfaces. When combined with chemical solution deposition approaches for producing oxide thin films, this technology opens new avenues for digital fabrication, graded materials or additive manufacturing. We specialize in functional oxide thin films deposited by Inkjet Printing. In particular, drop-on-demand piezoelectric printheads and printers are used for this purpose both in single and multinozzle configuration with our proprietary precursor inks. Oxide films and patterns are possible.We are also interested in collaborating in further joint research and development projects to push this technology.

Both films and patterns can be prepared by Inkjet Printing.


Example of a continuous epitaxial 250-nm thick film of the high temperature superconductor YBCO deposited by Inkjet Printing is shown below




Example of reel-to-reel inkjet printing of LSMO magnetoresistive devices on metallic tapes